We asked a few of our favorite Culver people what they would do if they had 8 hours to entertain someone who had never been here before. Here's what they said:  



When we have family or guests in town, there's a few things we really like to do. If you haven't seen it before, schedule a walking tour of The Culver Academies by giving them a call. It's close enough to walk over to The Lakehouse Grille afterwards for patio dining and more lake views. If you're thinking ahead, bring a portable hammock to the Culver and Union Township park (along with your favorite book) and read or nap as you soak up the sun and catch the breeze off the lake. If it's a Saturday, you can wake up at shop The Culver Farmer's Market! 

Another favorite thing to do is rent a bike at Ride-on Bikes (or bring your own) and bike the 12-miles around the lake. Follow that up with lunch at The Original Rootbeer Stand and some time relaxing in the park or shopping in our downtown stores. Make sure you grab ice cream on the way out of town! 

If you're in town early, grab breakfast and coffee at The Culver Coffee Company. Head over to The Beach Lodge and rent a kayak or stand up paddle board, and spend the afternoon out on the lake. Swim, paddle, and take in the views. Once you finish, head over to Cafe Max for an evening meal and shopping on Main Street. 

If you have a boat, you can use out public access point on the South Shore to launch and spend the day on the water. Otherwise, consider renting a pontoon boat at the Culver Marine and lunching at the Boardwalk Cafe. You can't go wrong on the lake! 



GINNY SAYS, "If I were with my younger nieces, I’d grab lunch at The Root Beer Stand for them (corndogs or hot dogs are their favorite with French fries and root beer), and then we would cross the street to the park and enjoy lunch in the park. We’d stop by the big red Culver sign for a selfie on the way over to the beach. I’d let the girls have a couple of hours at the park/beach before heading downtown on our golf cart. We’d have to hit Diva and MJ’s Sweet Tooth (their favorite stores). If my older niece were with us, we’d also hit civvies. Soon, we’ll always be hitting Civvies, as my younger nieces are getting to that stage when “cool clothes” and “fun accessories” mean something. If any of the adults are with us, we’d also stop at Fisher’s. On our way out of the downtown area, we’d get an ice cream at Sallie’s By the Shore, as my nieces and nephews love their ice cream as much as they love a root beer float from the Original Root Beer Stand. I would probably get talked into taking them to CVS and the Dollar Store to buy prizes for a game of Bingo back at the house, but I would only agree if they let me get my coffee! As late afternoon rolls around, we’d head back to the other side of town to take a break at The Culver Coffee Company, so they can eat their ice cream while I get my much-needed caffeine. My nieces love looking at the artwork at the Coffee shop and getting ice cream when it’s in season. Once we’d hit up the park, beach, and stores, we are usually ready for cleaning up and heading to dinner. And you can't go wrong with any of Culver's dinner options!  If my teen niece and her brothers (high school and college) are with us, dinner would be at Papa’s or Lakehouse Grille. They love both. We’d also all take a walk by the lake or across Culver Academies campus, as the whole family likes to take a walk and explore if the weather is good. Often, we will go from Papa’s to The Original Root Beer Stand for dessert after pizza. We do love to hang out at grandma and grandpa’s, but we always make a trip into town for dinner when the family is here, as the restaurants are consistently good.

If there is an event on the lake, we often take a boat out for fireworks, but honestly, we love staying on shore and just walking along the shore as a family. Back in the day, we took many long walks as a family and it was probably my favorite thing to do. It also helped me justify a stop at The Root Beer Stand or pizza at Papa’s that night!"