Culver is located within Marshall County, Indiana and has a population of just over 1,300 residents living within Union Township. However, at its peak summer capacity, the population more than doubles. Culver was originally called Union Town and was later renamed in 1949 for the Henry Harrison Culver who founded Culver Academies. The Town of Culver was named the 2017 Division II  Stellar Designee.  Culver’s Strategic Investment Plan focuses on creating workforce housing with the Sand Hill Farm Development, expanding the Lake Maxinkuckee bike and pedestrian trail, renovating the local landmark Beach Lodge, and improving the western gateway into Culver to create an appealing multi-modal corridor into the town.



Culver Community Schools –

Culver Community Schools pride themselves as being an “A” school corporation. Several examples of outstanding things being done at Culver Community Schools Corporation on a daily basis are:
They have a variety of programs to offer the students. This includes a Gifted and Talented program beginning at the Elementary level and extending to the middle school and high school. They also have several vocational programs including building trades and agriculture. They offer many opportunities for students to be involved with community service. This starts as early as second grade with the Cool Character Club.

The Culver Boys and Girls Club located at Culver Elementary offers positive after-school activities for students. Culver Community students step up to each challenge placed in front of them.

The teachers are caring, dedicated, and work hard every day to help each and every student.They have strong building level leadership committed to moving the corporation forward.